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Some law offices become over-crowded with associates, removing clients from the lawyer they actually come to see. Here at Clark Hall, all of our clients meet with Mr. Hall himself. You can rest easy knowing your case is in the best hands

Free Case Evaluation

Don’t settle for less than the best. It costs you nothing to call and we’ll take a look at your case, no strings attached. We’re confident that you’ll want us on your case by the end of the first meeting.

A Dedicated Team of Experts

We’ll look at your case from ever angle, leaving no stone unturned. If there is a way to win this case, we’ll find it. Our team is experienced and dedicated to success. We want to earn your trust.

Solid Law Practice

Clark Hall is a former Etowah County Circuit Judge and has extensive trial experience, which allows him to bring a unique blend of knowledge and experience to the table. He’ll personally work on your case from start to finish, so you have nothing to worry about.


Types of legal services we provide.


Whether you’re looking at Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Clark Hall, Attorney At Law can help you during this stressful time in your life.

Child Support

Legal conflicts involving family relationships can be complex and emotionally charged, especially when children are involved.


If you’ve been arrested or charged with a felony, you need to contact a Gadsden, AL, criminal lawyer immediately.


Disability law can be complex and confusing. If you’re facing a legal issue related to a physical or mental disability, don’t try to handle it on your own when Clark Hall, Attorney At Law is happy to help.

Drug Crime

If you’ve been charged with a drug offense, contact Clark Hall, Attorney At Law to discuss your case with an understanding defense attorney.


Driving under the influence (DUI, also sometimes called DWI or OUI) is one of the most commonly committed crimes in the United States.


If you’re currently involved in an employment law dispute, you’ll want to reach a resolution as soon as possible.


Estate planning allows you to provide for your family by creating a will, establishing a power of attorney or living will, making funeral arrangements in advance, and more.


As a family attorney, Clark Hall, Attorney At Law understands what you’re going through and wants to reassure you that having such complex feelings during your legal matter is completely normal.


When you obtain insurance – be it homeowners insurance, car insurance, or medical insurance – your hope is that when something goes wrong, you’re covered.

Juvenile Crime

When a child is charged with a crime, it affects the entire family. This is especially true in cases where a minor has been charged with a serious criminal offense, such as a sex crime, assault, or even murder.


If you were recently involved in an accident that left you with painful injuries or emotional distress, you may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Sex Crime

Clark Hall, Attorney At Law knows that sex crimes can range from minor misdemeanors to violent felonies, and is prepared to defend against your charges, no matter how severe they may be.

Social Security

A social security lawyer can help you bypass a great deal of the stress and confusion that can come with applying for this specific type of insurance.


If you were recently cited for a traffic violation such as speeding, it’s important that you take legal action as soon as possible.

Violent Crime

If you’ve been charged with a violent crime, it’s essential to find a defense attorney who’s committed to your case.


As a personal injury lawyer, Clark Hall, Attorney At Law is ready to help you.

Call today to set up your initial consultation.


In life, accidents and injuries can happen at any time. Whether you’re at work or driving to the store, there is always a chance that you may be involved in an accident that can change your life in an instant.


  • Former Etowah County Circuit Judge
  • Special Blend of Experience and Knowledge
  • Extensive Trial Experience
  • Fair, Honest Representation
  • Deal Directly With Attorney From Start to Finish
  • 24/7 Access To The Attorney
  • Free Case Evaluation
  • Flexible Appointment Availability
  • Fees Quoted


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Jennifer Cheaves

"After 5 min on the phone, it was easy to tell he has a passion to seek justice for his clients. Not many lawyers like that. Definitely a 5 star."

Erney Rodriguez

"I would certainly give this lawyer a 5 star rating!"

Patrick S.

"Best attorney around!!   Always available, cares for and takes time to listen to clients. Couldn't ask for or find no one better.. he treats you like a friend!!"

Angie Gossett Walters

"I give Attorney Clark Hall 5 stars!"

John Timothy Sims

"Mr. Hall is a 5-star attorney in my opinion!"


"I hired Clark Hall to handle my disability appeal, which he was able to win for me. I can't thank him and his staff enough."

Cat W.

"Clark Hall is wonderful lawyer for everything."

James H.

"Tells you everything that's going to happen. Answers any questions you ask.  Return your calls. What more can you ask of a lawyer?"

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